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Unveil the Power of Ingestible Injectables with Novo Nordisk: Smash bioavailability barriers and ensure device compatibility with reliable release. 

Unlock Peptide Delivery Innovation with Rani Therapeutics: Navigate breakthroughs in GI tract delivery through liquid jet technology in their needle-free smart capsules.

Revolutionize Oral Peptides with Biora: Explore needle-free smart capsules, redefining cost-effective, targeted systemic delivery directly to the small intestine.

Futuristic Formulations with Vivtex: Dive into cutting-edge formulations using informed data on APIs and target tissues through robotic screening from the Traverso Lab.

Progress in Permeability with Merck: Ignite progress in permeability using enhancers and surfactant-based membrane fluidization for enhanced efficacy.

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