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Don't Miss Out on the Peptide Renaissance!

The potential of peptides is boundless, but challenges persist in achieving optimal bioavailability and targeting while maintaining safety and potency. 

In this dynamic landscape, the Next Gen Peptide Formulation & Delivery Summit emerged as the industry's exclusive platform, singularly focused on advancing peptide delivery through formulation strategies while unlocking peptide therapeutic potentials.

As industry titans achieve groundbreaking success with peptide formulations, chemistry, and devices, embrace the potential of peptides across a multitude of diseases, from diabetes and cardiometabolic conditions to oncology. 

Attendees Explored Three Dynamic Days Of:

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Innovative Technologies: Explore groundbreaking technologies like needle-free injections, AI, and microneedles, driving advancements in peptide delivery 

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Enhanced Cell Penetration: Unlock the potential of nanoparticle carriers and advanced coatings for superior cell penetration, optimizing therapeutic outcomes 

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Long-Acting Solutions: Harness the inherent potency of peptides with long-acting injectables and depositions for enhanced patient compliance 

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Formulation Mastery: Revitalize APIs through permeation enhancers, excipients and conjugation, ensuring optimized peptide delivery 

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Clinical Updates and Strategies: Connect with decision-makers, experts, and collaborators in the vibrant peptide community, shaping the future of peptide delivery 

Featuring 14+ Case Studies Which Included:

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Merck unveils formulation techniques including permeation enhancers to increase bioavailability of peptides 

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Rani Therapeutics outlines effective delivery to the GI tract through liquid jet delivery in their needle-free smart capsule  

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Protagonist Therapeutics discusses their techniques to advance stability of their next generation macrocylic peptides  

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Intract Pharma detail combination coatings through in vivo and ex vivo data for controlled degradation

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Novo Nordisk shares the benefits of ingestible injectables to maintain the benefits of subcutaneous injections with oral delivery 

Who Did You Meet?

This summit stands as the hub of knowledge, showcasing the latest in oral peptide delivery, long acting injectables, and ingestible devices. Together with 60+ peptide chemistry, formulation, and delivery experts, immerse yourself and your team in cutting edge peptide formulation. 

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